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How to Find Someone on Instagram?

Hey folks! Welcome back to my new and exciting article about one of the best topic is “how to find friends on Instagram?”

Well, Instagram is the most engaging social networking website, as all we know.

Everyone likes to share their personal and professional life on social media.

Instagram can be the best platform if you want to explore your daily life with others.

Instagram has now become more than one billion active users monthly.

This means you have a chance to get reach up to one billion people around the world.

If you have a business and you want to promote your business then Instagram can be the best of doing that.

Statistic: Number of monthly active Instagram users from January 2013 to June 2018 (in millions) | Statista
Find more statistics at Statista

Instagram is an engaging platform.

This means the number of people engages on the platform is quite high as compared to other social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

Everyone wants to become Insta famous. If you have an interest in sharing your daily life with others and want to become famous then here is the right platform for you guys.

I know many people who established their companies and agencies just because of Instagram.

This time is purely dedicated to social media and the internet so it’s a suggestion for you if you still not on Instagram then consider it and create your Instagram account now.

Now the big question is how you’ll find someone on Instagram.

Most of the time we need to find someone on the Instagram platform we know in the real world.

Sometime’s, we want to connect with a guy we know personally in the real world and want to find out on Instagram.

That person may be your crush, your mother, sister, friend.

How we’ll find out that person and how we’ll figure whether they have a personal or business account on Instagram or not?

People want to connect with their known people on Instagram.

Just like Facebook, we search for the people in the search area given above.  We need to find out someone’s Instagram account.

Well, in this article, I’m gonna share with you the best tactics of getting to follow the people you most probably know personally or professionally.

There are various methods you can use to find out the known people on Instagram.

In this article, I will try to explain the best possible ways of finding the known people on IG.

This article is 2019 optimize, all the tricks that I will explain here are working in 2019.

If you are searching for the latest trend, techniques then you’re at the right place.

Instagram got updated. Previous methods of finding a friend on Instagram may not work right now.

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Methods of finding the known people around you:

1. Sync your contact list on Instagram:

If you want to follow your smartphone contacts on Instagram then there is the simplest way.

You can directly sync them on your Instagram profile and can follow them.

Most probably your phone contacts are those people you know personally or professionally.

If you have a contact number of that guy you want to follow then you can simply sync their Instagram profile with their contact number.

But you need to give access to your contacts to Instagram.

Don’t worry Instagram is a safe application and your data will remain private until your smartphone doesn’t hack, it’ll not go anywhere.

For syncing the contact list you have to follow these steps:

1. First, you need to open an Instagram account in your Instagram application.


2. The second step, log in to your Instagram ID.

Go to your profile by clicking on the bottom right of the profile icon.

After that, you have to click on the three consecutive lines as shown above on the right side of the app.


3. After clicking on the three lines, now you have to click on the discover tab.

As you can see a profile icon with a plus sign is a discover tab.

Make sure to click on that.


4. After clicking that you’ll see two options, the first one is the suggested tab where you’ll find all the people that you may know.

These people are purely on a suggestion by Instagram. You can also browse them if you know someone.

If you find someone you know personally and want to follow them make sure to click on the “follow” button you’ll find on the right side of the profile.

You can also browse them and search for the right people you want to follow.


The second option is your contact tab where you can find all the people in your contact list.

If your contact person has a verified Instagram account by his/her phone number then it must show up in your sync list.

You can directly see all the people who have a verified Instagram account in your sync contact list and can follow them.

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4. For following these people you can click on the follow tab at the right side of each profile you want to follow.

Suppose the person you want to follow on Instagram is not on your contacts and still you want to invite them on Instagram then there is one more option for you.

Steps to invite people on Instagram:

1. First, you need to visit the Instagram application on your smartphone.

Now, you need to click on the profile icon at the bottom right of the screen.


2. After that you need to click on the three lines you’ll find at the top-right corner of the screen.

Click on that and you’ll find the screen will open.


3. Now it’ll ask you to select one of the options. Make sure to click on the settings tab you’ll find at the bottom of the screen.

Click on that.



4. After clicking that you’ll find the invite people option, make sure to click on that and it’ll ask you how you want to invite someone on Instagram.

There are various ways of inviting people on Instagram.

5. The first option you’ll find Follow contacts means you can follow your contacts on your device.

If they are on Instagram and they have verified phone numbers, it’s again the sync option as I already explained above.

The second option you’ll find, invite people by email.

This means you can easily invite people to your mail list.

Everyone has a mail list if you are a professional then you must have your mail list.

You can use your mail list for sending the invitation link.

When they will click on your invite link they’ll redirect to the SignUp page where they can easily create an account.

In the third option, you’ll find the invite by SMS.

This means as all of you may aware of the SMS.

You can send the link in a text message. This means when someone when receiving a text message containing the link.

When they’ll click on that link they will redirect to a SignUp page where they can easily SignUp on Instagram.

Last but not least sending the invitation link manually.

This means you can simply copy the link and can share where you want.

You can share on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.


These are the simple steps of Inviting people. Make sure to follow the same steps.

There are various methods that you can use to invite them either using messages, email, or directly by sharing the link.

These are the hacks that you can try to find out your contacts on Instagram.

Another best way of finding the right known person on Instagram is Facebook.

2. Find out your Instagram friends via Facebook:

1. Just like in previous steps you need to click on the profile tab.

2. After clicking on the profile tab you need to click on the three consecutive horizontal lines at the top right side of the profile.


Image Source

After clicking on the lines now you have to click on the discover people.

3. After clicking on the Discover tab you can find the Facebook tab, now you’ve to log in to your Facebook account and need to sync all of them on your Instagram following list.

4. In this way, you can connect your Facebook account with your Instagram profile and can easily sync all of your Facebook friends on your Instagram list.

If the person whom you want to follow has a Facebook account then most probably you’ll easily find that person on your list.

If not, then the friend will not sync.

Make sure that person whom you want to follow has a Facebook account or not.

5. Now you need to click on the “follow” icon on the right side you’ll find on each profile. Make sure to click on the “follow” tab.

Now you can follow them all. Most probably these are the ones you may know in person.

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3. Find friends by their phone numbers:

You can find your friends on Instagram with his/her phone number.

For doing this you need to make sure that they must have an Instagram account with verified the contact number you want to search for.

After that, you have to click on the magnifying glass icon at the bottom of your Instagram app then directly search the user by putting the contact number on the search bar.

This trick mostly works for the business accounts because the business account has verified the Instagram account with their contact number.

It’s the simplest way to follow people you may know.

You can use this trick for finding out the person you know personally and you can follow that person on Instagram.

I used this feature and it’s working fine.

Instagram wants to make its interface user-friendly and engaging that’s why the company integrated various ways to interact with other people.

Make sure to follow the steps for finding out the relevant person on the Instagram application.

4. Find the Instagram profile with username:

If you know someone’s Instagram username then you can directly search for them by clicking on the magnifying glass at the bottom down below.

You can directly search on the search bar.


It’s the easiest way of finding friends on Instagram.

You can even use the name tag to finding out your friend.

Suppose your friend is on Instagram and you want to follow him/her then you can directly ask his/her name tag so that you can directly follow him/her.

You can’t even search the people accounts, you can even search a lot of things.

You can search for the places, hashtags, accounts, and top lists as well.

Make sure to select the relevant one you’re looking for.

5. How to find fresh people on Instagram:

Now the question arises on how to find new people on Instagram.

Suppose you want to follow a person you know him/her but you don’t have his/her contact detail and not even on Facebook then what are the best practices you can do to find out these people.

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Here are the steps that you can follow:

1. Check your friend’s followers and the following list:


You can check your friend’s followers and the following list.

Sometimes it happens that your friend whom you want to follow already added to your friend’s followers list.

You can check their followers and following list to find out them.

It’s the simplest technique of finding known people on Instagram.

2. Check out your follower’s list:

Just like you checked on your friend’s Instagram followers and following list. Y

You can also check your follower’s list as well.

You can go through their followers and the following list for figuring out if that person you want to follow is in their followers or following list or not.

If you’ll spot that guy make sure to follow them.

It’s another great and easy way of finding people on Instagram.

3. Finding new people with hashtags and location tags:


If you are looking for a new following then you can try this trick, you have to browse for the relevant hashtags that are related to your niche.

You can browse for those hashtags.

Scroll down and find a like-minded post.

If you like someone’s content then you most probably will take interest in their future content also now it’s time to follow them.

You can also leave a comment on their post and when they will mention you on their comment because you also belong to the same interest then you can follow them.

Both of you have similar interests and that’s the thing you both should connect.

4. Ask to tag you:

Collaborate with other people to take pictures.

When they will share the pictures on their news feed and stories ask them to tag you.

When they will do this, more people will attract to your profile and most probably they will follow you.

Check their profile and if you find their Instagram profile is interesting you can follow them.


An Amazing Tool | Toolkit for Facebook

5. Search directly:

Last but not least you can try searching the user by name directly on the search bar.

If your Instagram application has access to location then while you will search for the person with his/her name it will come up with some options containing the same name based on popularity and location.

You can directly find the right person.

It may not precise but still, you can try this trick as well.

Make sure to search with the right and exact name and if the person you want to find near you or you may know him/her and both of you met each other then you most probably will find them.

Make sure to search with the right name with a correct spell.

Don’t mistake in spelling otherwise you may not find that person.

6. Do an Image search:

Now image search or visual search getting popular day by day.

Google and other search engines integrated the image search feature.

You can use this feature for finding out someone’s Instagram account.

If you have a picture of that person then you can do an image search on Google. Bing, Yahoo, etc.

Search bots will recognize the image and give you results related to that person.


If the image will index in search engines then you’ll get the social profile of that person.

This trick will only work when you have an image of that person you’re looking for.

7. If the account is popular:

If you’re looking for a popular person’s Instagram account then you can easily do that by directly searching on Google.

Just type the person’s name and then the Instagram account keyword.

Let’s take an example I want to search for Donald Trump Instagram then I’ll directly type on Google’s Donald Trump Instagram account and I’ll get the profile.


Now I can directly follow Donald Trumps Instagram account.

This trick will only work when you’ll search for the popular Instagram handle.

8. Find people using Instagram web view:

Have you ever tried to use Instagram on your laptop or PC? If yes did you know there is also a search option on the web view of Instagram?

Yes, you can search for the people as you can find the option on top.

A search bar. With the help of the search bar, you can easily search for people.


It’s just like the Instagram application search bar.

Sometime’s, people use Instagram on their laptop and PC and they want to follow people on their laptop or PC devices then there is only the option to search them by using the search bar.

You can easily search not even for people. You can search for hashtags, location tags, people accounts, and top pages as well.

Make sure to use the feature when you’ll next time use Instagram on your laptop or PC.

These are the best-known ways of finding someone on Instagram.

I hope you already know about these methods if not then kudos you have learned something new.

Make sure to leave your feedback in a comment.


So after concluding the session, these are the best possible ways to find someone on Instagram.

If you’re a business owner then Instagram can be a great tool for you.

Make sure to use the platform for not only your personal use even you should consider the platform for your business purpose as well.

Instagram is a vast social network of having more than one billion active users.

Many companies using Instagram as a trending marketing technique to promote their products and services.

You can become Insta famous. All you need to be consistent on the platform.

Consistency is the key to success not only on Instagram but anywhere.

If you have any suggestions or questions make sure to comment down below.

If you have not one then you can also share your experience as well.

If you like my effort make sure to share on social media websites links given below.

Which technique do you like?


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