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How to Get Facebook Fan Page Likes?

Hello friends! Here in this article, I’m gonna share with you the best and ethical tactics of increasing Facebook fan page likes.

It will take time to increase likes organically but these fans are genuine and retain your Facebook page.

These fans will be trustworthy and always engage with your page, whenever you’ll post any update on your FB page.

In this digital era, as all, we know everything is online. You can learn more about Online Marketing.

People love to share their daily updates on social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, etc. Twitter is a great source of organic traffic.

People love to share their daily updates. Facebook is the most popular social networking platform.

Facebook is the largest user database. You can get as much traffic as you want from Facebook.

Here in this article, I’m gonna share with you how to get more Facebook page likes?

Well, first we need to discuss why do you want to get more FB page likes?

When you’ll have more page likes, you will get more traffic to your website or blog, more people will tend to engage with your post and you will get more profit, right?

Just look at these statics by Statista
Statistic: Number of monthly active Facebook users worldwide as of 2nd quarter 2019 (in millions) | Statista

so this is the case. But for that matter, you need genuine likes so that your audience will interact with your post and engage with your post.

You need a trustworthy audience. Nowadays there are so many auto liker and automation tools available on the internet that will tend to claim themselves they increase likes. But is it?

I don’t think so, you want people will engage in your page or bot?

People. So here in this article, I’m gonna share with you some tactics to get real likes on your Facebook page.

Let’s discuss these methods of getting likes on the FB page:

  1. Get Facebook page likes manually.
  2. Post consistently.
  3. Daily post updates related to your personal and professi0nal life.
  4. Engage with your audience.
  5. Use Facebook analytics to get likes.
  6. Go live and share.
  7. Post quality content.
  8. Create free seminars, events, offers.
  9. Even you can post jobs on the FB page.
  10. Video content is a must.

So these are the points, let’s discuss in detail to understand one by one.

Facebook is the largest using an online social networking platform.

You can get tons of free traffic but you need to have awesome knowledge to get the best organic results, so let’s get a serial discussion to that.

1. Get Facebook page likes manually:


Getting Facebook page likes manually is quite complex.

But trust me, it can give the best start to your page.

It will give you enough motivation for further process.

Inventing people manually nowadays is quite easy, you can send an invitation in one way.

Facebook introduced a new feature where you don’t need to invite manually.

But for that you need to post content on your page is a must.

You have to share some useful content first on your FB page, it’ll give you a good start.

Just take an example, if I’m inviting you to like a page but suddenly you see there is no profile image, cover image, even there is no much about the page then who will like, you will? Of course not, So updates these things are a priority.

Always share some value with the Facebook audience. Content should be engaging.

2. Post Consistently:

Post consistently on your facebook page is a must.

Always use HD images and videos to get more users to your Facebook page. Just look at this image by PostPlanner.

People love to share HD quality content. Don’t use cheap quality, it will not be going to help you to get user attractions.

You can get more traffic to your page by sharing your content with other Facebook groups.

Groups should be related to your niche. Don’t spam. Spamming is strictly condemned.

Here you can embed your most liked post on your website to get more Facebook page likes.

Just look at some of the most famous Facebook pages, how they post?

They post updates on their pages minute by minute or every 10 minutes.

If you want to grow your Facebook page within the next few months then post consistently.

Always make a schedule for posting content. Pin your strategy, get to know to your audience what is this page about and what you’ll going to share.

3. Daily post updates related to your personal and professional life:

Always be real with your audience, try to post your day-to-day life activities, what you will do in your company.

Do some events, share the happy moments with your audience, it will help you to grow your community.

Always doing promotions will not help you to get more likes, you need to share your personal and professional life with the community.

4. Engage with your audience:


Engaging with the audience is the most important thing.

Now the question arises, how you can do it better? Well, here I help you.

You need to post creatively.

Your Facebook page post should be creative enough that will create curiosity in your audience to get engage with the audience.

Let’s take an example, always whenever you will going to post something on a Facebook fan page then you have to post be like in a comprehensive manner.

Explain in detail your post.

What exactly you want to convey the message, all things should be clear.

It’s your business page so don’t share anything without thinking and without making any strategy.

Always ask your audience to share your post.

Engage with your audience, reply to them, if you got any comments.

Always replies to DM. Post valuable content, give free values to your audience, it will help you to drive more traffic to your website or blog and ultimately help you to get more likes.

5. Use Facebook analytics to get likes:

Yes, it’s another good way of getting Facebook likes.

It’s pretty easy to trick for getting real Facebook likes. You can schedule your post by PostPlanner

You can easily track your Facebook analytics for getting further Facebook likes.

Just go to your Facebook fan page, here you can see the analytics tab.

Click on the tab and see which Facebook post performing well in terms of getting engagement and clicks. Now you have to create more posts like this.

Start sharing in different Facebook groups related to your niche.

Don’t share in all groups because it will be spamming.

Try to post in relevant Facebook groups only. It’s a unique and effective way of getting more and more Facebook fan page likes.

6. Go live and share:

Facebook introduces one and most effective feature of engaging with your audience is going live.

Going live creates trust in your audience and if our content is useful then they will share your live video and it will help you to get more people engagement to your fan page.

7. Post quality content:

As I already told posting quality content is a must. Content is the king. Everything you see around the web is Content.

You need to post quality and informative content on your Facebook page.

People love to share information, try to post infographics that bring some value.

Always remember posting high-quality content can increase your reach and can bring great prosperity for you.

Remember never to push anything on the Facebook page.

It’s your official page make it simple and easy to understand for the user.

Try to create your post don’t, copy-paste from anywhere.

It’s a bad manner of posting someone else content on your website.

If you are doing this then do one thing give the author priority by putting the content source link.

8. Create free seminars, events, offers:

It’s the best and most effective technique of getting more Facebook likes by creating offers to your Facebook page.

If you are selling something then you can create a discount or you can provide some value to your audience, it’ll help you to get more traffic to your Facebook page.

Mostly, companies doing the same thing for getting Facebook page likes. There is an offer tab on the Facebook page. You can create monthly or weekly offers there.

You can also create free events on your Facebook page, it’ll help you to get more visitors to your page.

9. Even you can post jobs on FB page:

Yes, Facebook has a feature that you can post the jobs on your Facebook page.

People searching for a job can directly engage with your professional page and can directly apply from there.

It will help you to create trust in your audience.

Posting a job on a Facebook page can bring more engagement to your Facebook page and help you to generate quality traffic for your page.

10. Video content is a must:

Last but not least, video content is a must. Yes, you heard it right, posting video content can bring more share and likes to your page.

Nowadays video content is getting more share and liked by my audience.

People love to watch online content and also sharing these contents. Remember video content should be in HD, 4K, 5K Ultra High Quality.

Posting high-quality content can give you the best engagement rate as compared to low-quality content.


Now come to the conclusion part. So, here above I had discussed the points why Facebook is so much important and why it’s gaining so much popularity.

You have to use the Facebook page wisely to get more audience that ultimately will bring profit for you.

Always respect the Facebook community guidelines.

Never disrespect community guidelines because Facebook will block you if you do so.


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