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How to Make Money from LinkedIn?

Hello Folks! In this article, I’m gonna share with you the tactics of making money online with LinkedIn.

Yes, as all we aware Linkedin is the largest using professional Social Networking platform, where almost everyone, Student, Professional, JobSeeker, Business Person, etc. make their profile and connect with other industry niche people.

Linkedin is the largest using the Professional Networking Platform. Use it wisely to generate the best revenue for you and your company.

Here I’m gonna share with you the tactics of making money with LinkedIn.

You can make money by LinkedIn by selling your digital or physical products, selling your services, selling your talent, affiliate marketing, sharing content that brings some traffic to your blog or website, etc.

So here we will discuss all of these methods in detail.

“I already pitched for clients with LinkedIn, you can also try”

1. By Selling Physical and Digital Product:


You can sell your product by using LinkedIn. As all, we aware LinkedIn has more than 630 Million+ users.

They all are professional people, so you can send them Invitations on LinkedIn with a short message and your product landing page link.

But first, you need to provide some value to your target customer.

Always remember your target customer will only attract by you if you will offer some free value to them.

Provide free information related to your product, your industry, etc. Talk about the cause of how your product can help them, then silently push your product to your customer.

If you have an eCommerce Website and you want to sell your physical products then first research your Target Audience.


Search them on LinkedIn and pitch them by direct sending them a connection request with 300 characters short message.


Send a message on LinkedIn


You can offer them discounts. People love discounts. You can send them promotional messages on different occasions.

It will help you to get more sales.

You can write detailed articles about your products and services. You can write an article and can share information with your connections.

Writing an article is pretty easy all you need to open your LinkedIn account then go to the post area.

At the post are you’ll see an option for writing an article as shown below image.


There are multiple options you can use for writing a cool article.

It helps to convey detailed information about things.

If you are selling a digital product like any software, theme, plugin, extension, etc. then you also need to follow the same procedure to research your target niche audience then you have to send them connection requests with a short 300 characters message along with product landing page link.

Talk to your audience daily, wish them their achievements will help you to achieve your target. Take out time from your busy schedule to wish your LinkedIn connections.

You can directly wish from your LinkedIn notification bell.

Here is the screenshot is given below.


Try to build connections in your industry niche, don’t accept all connections request blindly.

If you have a company then you must have a Linkedin Company Page.

It’s a free service by LinkedIn where you can list your employee, a career tab, where you can post jobs, add details about your company, phone number, details, and complete address will always create trust in your audience, increase chances that more people will follow your company page.

A company page creates trust and credibility in your LinkedIn connection and helps people to find your business more easily.


Now after making a company page, you have to list your products to your company page and start sharing along with some detail of the product.

It will help you to get more target customers and your customers just because the company page will trust you and endorse you for future reference.

Always share full HD images of your product, don’t do blunders that will not be going to help you.

You can use some Automation Software for making the process simple.

But ultimately the tool will not be going to help you.

You need to put filters wisely to get your target customers.

Don’t send requests to anyone, give your best to do comprehensive research, and then linked with other people.

You can build your email list by using your Linkedin account.

Make a beautiful message and provide some free value to your target audience.

Ask them to fill in their names and email to give them offers.

These types of content will help you to grow your list.

2. By Selling Services:

Yes, another way to make money is by Selling Services.

Just take an example, you have an SEO Agency and you use it to sell SEO packages, then you can pitch on LinkedIn to your target audience by putting some filters over there.


Again follow the same strategy and send the connection request to your target client, again provide some value and ask their email address and send them emails.

You can offer discounts to your target customers for better conversions.

You can create a matter of urgency by putting in some limited period offers.

You can write blogs on Linkedin for acquiring customers.

Yes, there is an option of writing a comprehensive article about anything related to your industry.

Suppose if your article gets the maximum number of shares then the LinkedIn team may feature the article that will give you a positive boost to your gathering the best clients for your business.


3. By Affiliate Marketing:


Affiliate Marketing is a way to make money online.

Here you will get an affiliate link which you need to promote to your group and if someone supposes will buy anything from your affiliate link then you will get either direct or indirect commission.

Almost all companies on the internet which are selling something are using the affiliate program.

You can directly partner with them and start promoting their products to your channels like your website, blog, social network, etc.

So here we will go into a deep discussion about how to promote affiliate products online by using LinkedIn.

You can’t advertise your affiliate link on LinkedIn because of community guidelines but you can do something else to get the commission.

First, make a good LinkedIn page, start listing your affiliate product with cool images, share your website landing page link.

Remember don’t try to sell directly from the website.

Always list the affiliate product to your website then promote the main product landing page link to LinkedIn.

Now again follow the same procedure as I discussed above to get the target customer audience.

You can write a comprehensive blog about any product, if your blog or article will viral then you will get the maximum visitors to your website, ultimately help you to drive more sales and more profit.

4. Drive traffic to your website or blog:

Ultimately as we know LinkedIn is a social network.

So you must have an opportunity to share the content of your website and blog.

Suppose if you’re a blogger and looking for more traffic then you must have to use LinkedIn for writing comprehensive articles and sharing your content.

People will love your content if you write a good quality one.

In between the content you can provide the link to your website or blog.

Now come to the connection limit, LinkedIn has a 30k connection limit that you can add to your list.

Later the connect button will convert into follow when someone looking to connect with you.

You can imagine 30k is a huge number for promoting the stuff.

Rather than Facebook where 5k is the limit.

Like Facebook, you can also connect with the LinkedIn group and you can also share your stuff on Linkedin groups.

5. Sharing Valuable and Informative Content:

Linkedin is a social networking site just like Facebook where you can also share your thoughts, ideas, and insight with your connections but Professionally.

You can write a comprehensive article on your LinkedIn profile and put your main content landing page link over there will help you to get more traffic.

Remember Content is everything and it should be of high quality with better infographics, images, videos, etc. that will help you to drive more traffic to your website or blog.

Sharing is caring! You can drive as much traffic as you want from LinkedIn and it will give you more revenue.

Before writing an article always need to have comprehensive research about your niche that will help you to grow your connection.

Your article should be valuable and informative so that people can share it with others. Always stay engage with your audience and replied to them.

6. Sell Your Talent (Find a 9 to 5 Schedule):

Yes, you can search for your dream job but you need to have a clear look and comprehensive LinkedIn profile.

Always get all the stars by filling up all the LinkedIn profile fields with correct information.

Put a better headline about your industry where you work etc.

Use your about section wisely to give detailed information about your personal and professional life.

Don’t use any false statements. Attach your resume, your achievements, and your awards on your LinkedIn profile.

Always put your skills and tell among your connection to endorse you and give you a genuine review about your product services or your personal life.

Remember you’re LinkedIn profile is your resume so also update it and always put the right information.

Don’t lie over there because ultimately when you will attract the recruiter and if they will find some miss match then it will not going to be good.

7. For Freelancer:

If you want to work from home then LinkedIn can also help you to get gigs.

Yes! LinkedIn is the best place where you can pitch other people by sending a connection request along with a short message and add them to your connection.

Let’s understand by taking an example, suppose you are an SEO Expert and you want a gig then make a LinkedIn account and start pitching to other people who want SEO Services.

You can directly post on Linkedin, write an article, post in LinkedIn groups, etc.

8. Grow your mail list:

Do you want more sales? You must have a mail list where you can convert your prospects into customers but the question arises from where we can make our mail list?

Suppose if I don’t have much traffic on my website then how I can build a mail list?

Here is the solution. You can use Linkedin to grow your mail list.

There are certain techniques that you can use.

You can create a LinkedIn group and send a custom template invitation to your connection to add inside the group and later you can invite these people by offering free giveaways, ebooks, small gifts, etc.

You can also offer them the first free service for getting their email.

Once you collect the email now you have a list. Now you can use this list to send emails to your connections and can convert them.

If you don’t want to create a LinkedIn group then you have one more option.

You can send direct messages to your connection and directly offer them free offers. You can ask them for their emails directly.

9. Work as an influencer:

Like any other social networking website, LinkedIn can also be used to working as an influencer.

If you have a good amount of followers then you can pitch for the clients to promote their stuff, in return, you can ask for the money.

If you have more than a 50k connection then you can make a good amount by promoting the stuff.

All you need to direct messages to the company owners and send them a proposal in a decent manner.

There are lots of small SMB who actively looking for influencers who can promote their products and services.

You can ask them to promote their products and services and you can ask for money.

10. Bonus Tip:

Do you want to open an executive search firm? You can start your consultancy via LinkedIn.

Yes, Linkedin is a professional community. You can easily find the best talent.

There are multiple options you can use to find the best talent for your requirements.

There are lots of search options you can apply while finding the best talent for you and your client.

You can search for the candidate from the exact profile. In almost all industries you can hunt the best possible profiles.

For hunting a talent all you need to put the keywords of the profile you’re looking for then hit the enter button after that you have to click on the People tab and all the results will come out in front of your eyeball.

Then you have to connect with them and ask them are they looking for a change?


Not only candidates you can also pitch for the requirements. You can apply various filters to figure out the company’s CEOs, HR, directors, founders, etc.

You can start your HR consultancy.

Let’s understand it by deep analysis, you can pitch other recruiters who are looking for the candidates, you can directly contact them and search for the candidates on LinkedIn.


There are so many filters you can directly search for the candidates by apply filters like position, state, cities, skills, etc.


These are the ways to make money with LinkedIn.

You can say LinkedIn is a money-making machine.

If you’ll use it wisely LinkedIn can help you to grow your business but care should be taken using it systematically.

Don’t misunderstand other social media websites with LinkedIn.

Many companies already using LinkedIn for various needs. You can also make a good living from the platform. Happy Earning!


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