This Is My First Post! Welcome Readers To My Blog

This is my first post! Hello, readers here is my first blog post.

In this article first I’m gonna introduce myself. I am an engineer by profession.

I had completed my engineering degree from Amity School of Engineering and Technology affiliated college of Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Sector 16C Dwarka, Delhi.

I had completed an engineering degree in Electronics and Communication.

Here in this comprehensive article I’m gonna cover my personal life.

These are the question that I’m gonna try to answer about myself.

1. Who I’m?

2. Why did I decide to start blogging?

3. What this blog about?

4. How this blog can help you in your career and your day-to-day life?

5. What are the objectives of starting this blog?

6. From where I got inspired to start blogging?

7. This blog is all about you!

Let’s cover all of these questions one by one. First, I’m gonna tell you about myself.

1. Who I’m?


I am Sumit Kumar from New Delhi, India. I had completed my schooling from Government High School.

During school days I didn’t much like studies. I liked to play with friends, mostly I used to play outdoor games.

Till my 10Th Standard, I didn’t like studies. I didn’t like to sit in the classrooms and listening to boring lectures.

When I was in the 10Th standard, I don’t know from where I got interested in studies and I started reading academic books.

I got interested in science the most. Luckily, I got good marks in my 10Th Standard and I was the Second-Highest topper of my School.

Our yearly school magazine featured me for a year.

I don’t know how was this miracle taken place.

After completing the 10Th standard I got to change my school. In the 11Th standard, I choose to study science.

I got Physics, Chemistry, Maths, English, and Engineering Graphics.

All are good but the thing is that I never studied my subjects in the English language till 10Th.

Suddenly I got all subjects in English as a primary language.

That was an issue for a person who suddenly got to do something new that he never has done yet.

Well, all was good, I completed my 12Th and luckily got admission to GGSIPU, as I cleared the entrance exam.

But suddenly I realized that I had much potential to get a better college, so I decided to study again and wanted to appear again for the entrance exams.

My dream was to take admission to NSIT, Dwarka, Delhi, one of the prestigious colleges for engineering but with bad luck, I got not bad even the worst rank in JEE Main.

So after completing Engineering from the same college, right now I am here to try my luck again.

So this all about myself, I hope I covered all the main points here.

2. Why did I decide to start blogging?


Well, there is not a single reason to start blogging.

I have a lot of knowledge of technologies.

During my college days till now, I got so much knowledge about the technologies and what should we do to get our life more simple and easy.

I want to tell the world how we can make a better tomorrow with the help of technologies.

In this blog, I will talk about Digital Marketing, Blogging Tricks, Tips, Ideas, How to Make Money, Website Design, Development, Various CMS like WordPress JOOMLA Drupal, etc.

3. What this blog about?

As cleared from my second point this blog is all about technologies.

This can help you to learn better technologies so that you can make your life simple and easy.

Here on this website, I’ll try to cover up almost all technologies related to facts and figures.

I’ll try to teach you better things so that you can enhance your career part.

4. How this blog can help you in your career and your day-to-day life?

I am pretty sure and you also adhere to this that the future time will purely base on technology.

As all we aware of the technology expanding day by day.

We are now totally dependent on our smartphones, laptops, and digital devices.

Complete audience attraction shifted to these devices.

So this blog will purely cover all the tricks and tips that will surely help you to guide for a better tomorrow.

5. What are the objectives of starting this blog?


I like to learn new things.

I am always eager to learn new hacks and tricks.

This is always the case that I got stuck at some points.

Suppose I decide to start a business and I got stuck about social media marketing because nowadays marketing completely shifted to online, so this blog now will going to help you to learn the basics to advance things.

So that you can market your business.

6. From where I got inspired to start blogging?

There is not a certain point where I got inspired to start this blog.

There can be so many reasons.

I think we don’t need to learn too much, we need to practice much so that we can get more and more practical knowledge because the end goal is practice.

Practice will make you. So in this blog, we will only talk about the real things, not theoretical bullshit.

7. Last but not least!

Yes, it’s you this blog is all about you.

Either you’re a Student, Jobseeker, Business Man, Housewife, Employed or Unemployed, Small or Big, Tall or Short.

There is not a certain qualification needed to read this blog but you must need to be HUMAN! That’s it.

So finally I think I already covered all the points about my journey till now.

I think I already covered up all the things that I am gonna do in my next steps.

So take a deep breath and stay connected, it’s a START!

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