How Do I Undo A Post I Deleted On Instagram

How do I undo a post I deleted on Instagram?

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In this article, we will talk about the most famous social networking website and an application called Instagram.

Instagram is the largest using social networking website and application.

If you want to connect with loved ones and want to share your daily life in terms of photos and videos then Instagram is the best place for it.

For sharing the content on Instagram, all you need to create an account and start sharing your life.

It’s a visual platform, especially for photographers and artists.

You can share the visual content only.

Visual content can be anything images or videos only.

You can’t share text-based content or a link.

Either you can share the content publically by using the Instagram feed and stories or you can share the content privately by using direct messages.

From the beginning, now Instagram had done a lot of changes in its platform.

Now you can do a lot more things on your Instagram account.

As I already told you, Instagram is a visual platform so you can only share your memories in the form of images and videos.

Sometimes it happens that you may delete any Instagram post accidentally and now you want to recover your post.

Is there any way to get back from your Instagram post?

In this article, I’m gonna breakdown how to get back of your Instagram content even deleted by accident.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

1. Make sure Instagram doesn’t have any recycle bin:

If you’re looking for any such service on Instagram to get back of your deleted Instagram post on the platform then definitely you’ll not find anything because Instagram doesn’t have this type of service to get back of your Instagram post after deleting them.

Instagram is a company and you’re using a third-party application for storing your personal or professional content on a third-party server.

It totally depends on Instagram whether they will provide a backup of your data or not.

If you want to get back of your accidentally deleted Instagram post then it totally depends on the platform whether they will provide you or not.

Instagram tells that, you have control over your Instagram post.

In one of their article, they disclose the privacy terms that your Instagram posts have only your control, you can delete them, archive them or you can edit them.

Just like any other platform, Instagram also using an encryption service, where only you can read, share, edit, or delete private messages.

So it means the platform has not any interference in you and the data you shared with the platform.

I don’t think so, Instagram must need to have a backup on their server, I don’t think, if you’ll delete anything from your Instagram account, it’ll permanently delete it from the server.

Instagram must have control of your data. Still, you have an option to appeal for the backup request.

Without any valid court order, the Instagram team will not consider your appeal.

Here later I’m gonna share in deep detail.

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2. Use the Instagram archive feature:

You may aware of the Instagram archive.

If you want to hide the content from your Instagram profile then here is the best option, just archived them all.

For archiving the content, all you need to go to your Instagram profile and select the post you want to archive then click on the three dots at the top of your Instagram post and click on the archive option and your post will hide from your profile.


If you want to hide the content from your Instagram profile then instead of deleting the content, you can hide the content by archive option.

It’ll allow you to get back later when you’ll need it.

For getting back to your archived content, all you need is to go to your Instagram profile and then click on the setting gear icon at the top right corner of your mobile screen.

You’ll see an option of an archive folder where you can find all the pictures of your archived content.


You can also enable the save archived option.

Whenever you’ll post something either on your Instagram feed or on stories it’ll also save it on your Instagram archived so that later you can recover the content if the content deleted from your Instagram account.


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3. Using the mobile phone:

If you’re looking for the deleted Instagram pictures and videos, you can check out your cell phone for that.

If you want to open your Instagram original post setting then you must need to find all the shared content in your mobile phone file manager.

A file manager is a place where you can get access to all your images and videos.


You can search for the Instagram folder name.

If you can’t find the Instagram folder on your device then you may be not opened the setting save an original post on your Instagram application.

4. Use data recovery software:

I saw many tools on the internet that claim they can recover the content deleted from your Instagram application but this is not the case.

Not any third-party application can recover the deleted Instagram content from the application.

Instagram doesn’t share its API with any third-party application for getting the data.

You can do one thing to get your Instagram data.

If you accidentally deleted the saved Instagram folder as I explained in point number 3.

You have an option to recover that folder on your smartphone.

For doing this, you need to download the data recovery application or connect your device to your laptop or PC and use any software that may help you to get back your data.

There are tons of applications that can help you to get back from your deleted Instagram folder.

Some are free and for some, you need to pay.

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5. Avoid by taking a backup of your account:

Instagram doesn’t allow you to get deleted data directly by any means but you can protect yourself to take time to time backup your Instagram account.

You can consider it week over week or month over month.

If you want to get a backup of your Instagram account then you must need to go to your Instagram profile and go to the settings.

Now you need to click on the security tab (updated Instagram application).

Then scroll down to get the data tab.

Click on the tab and you’ll find, it’ll ask you to put your email, and then it’ll ask you to type your password.

After putting in the password now the Instagram will send you an email containing the data.

Either you can open it on your smartphone or you can also open it on your laptop or PC.

It must be a zip file, you first need to extract the file then only you can read the data.

6. Recover data from the cloud storage:

As all, we know whether you’re using an Android device or you’re using an IOS, you need to have a cloud storage service.

For getting access to your cloud storage service, all you need to login into your cloud storage provider.

It may be google drive or iCloud.

Sometimes it may be a third-party user also.

If you’re using an android device then it must be google drive and if it is IOS then obviously it will be iCloud.

Your setting of saving a copy of your device data opened in your cloud service, you’ll definitely find the data but if this is not the case then you must need to enable the setting for future safety.

7. By using the Internet Archive:

Internet archive is the service to see the previous data that now doesn’t exist on the internet.

It’s a type of archive data that helps users to find old data on the internet.

If you want to get back from your previous internet data that now doesn’t exist on the internet.

You can use the Wayback Machine for that.

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It’s a third-party service for getting the old Instagram data.

You can use the website to see the previous Instagram pictures and data but it’s not guaranteed you can see the data or not.

Still, you can try to get back to your Instagram pictures.


After concluding the session, I can say that recovering the Instagram photos and videos is never been an easy task.

You need to figure out what best suits you.

Make sure to create an advanced backup on your system or mobile device and take care of the weekly backup also so that you wouldn’t lose the data.

If you still have questions then please comment down below, I’ll definitely get back to your answer.


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