How Can I Use Instagram To Promote My Business

How can I use Instagram to promote my business?

Hey folks!

Welcome to one of my new blog posts.

In this article, I’m gonna share with you the most trending platform these days.

Yes, you’re right, it’s non-other than Instagram.

It’s the largest used platform around the web.

It basically a mobile application and website both.

Instagram is a social networking platform where you can share visual content only.

Visual content means either you can share the images or videos.

You can’t share the text and links.

Instagram now has become more than one billion active users.

Statistic: Number of monthly active Instagram users from January 2013 to June 2018 (in millions) | Statista
Find more statistics at Statista

Using Instagram is extremely simple, all you need to download the application in your mobile device, it may be android or ios.

You need to make an account.

Creating an Instagram account is easy, you need to click on the SignUp button and need to fill out all the basic details.

You can SignUp either by your email or phone number.

You can also SignUp by using your Facebook account also.

After creating an Instagram account, now you need to fill up the complete details in your edit profile section.

You must need to fill in the complete details including your name, phone number, email, and website link also.

After creating an account, now you can share the content by simply clicking on the plus icon at the middle bottom of the screen.

Click on the plus icon then it’ll ask you to capture the image or video or you can directly upload it from your gallery also.

After uploading the content, now you can apply the various filters available there.

Fill out the detailed description of your content.

It recommended, share the motive behind sharing the content.

You must need to use the hashtags also. Hashtags are the only elements that ultimately help you out to reach a new audience other than your followers.

You can follow other people and others can follow you back.

You can share the visual content in your Instagram feed, story, and direct messages privately.

You can stay connected with your loved ones by following them.

In this article, we will deep dive into how to promote your business with the help of Instagram.

We will discuss the full in-depth detail by creating an account and promoting the business.

If you want to promote your business on the most trending social media, you need to follow some strategies that will help you out to give you a boost in your businesses.

If you have a business and you want to promote it on Instagram then you first need to make sure, you have a business account.

Either you can create a business account or you can convert your existing private account into a business account.

After creating a business Instagram page, now you need to connect your account to your Facebook page.

Connecting your Facebook page to your Instagram business account allows you to manage the business account from your Facebook page.

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Here are the steps you need to make sure while creating a business Instagram account:

1. Make sure about your niche:

Always need to make sure about your products and services you’re promoting on your official Instagram page.

It’s your branding page so you have to make sure to share only relevant content that actually relates to your business.

Never shared other than your niche base content.

Always decide your company theme color and always stick to that color only.

Make sure to use this color in each and every post.

Never do too much variation in your Instagram posts.

Suppose if you have a pet shop then you must need to share the content that relates to the pet business only.

Never share any unauthentic content.


Just look at the account @thefrootilife.

The well-known brand Frooti.

Everyone loves the juicy mango flavor in summer.

Just look at their Instagram posts, you’ll see the company has a single theme color and in each post, you can find the same pattern theme color.

You can quickly realize the brand name and everything about the post.

Whether you have a small or big industry make sure to use this unique trick and your fan can easily recognize you.

People will make a habit of your post and whenever they see that type of pattern anywhere else they quickly recognize your brand.

2. SEO Friendly username:

Hopefully, you know about SEO is also known as search engine optimization.

Have you heard about the title tag?

When you need to decide the title tag, you need to make sure to target only your targeted keyword.

The search engine considers the title tag.

Your title should be related to your target keyword to rank higher in search results.

The same rule applies here.

You must need to make sure about the title of your Instagram profile.

Your Instagram title is nothing but your username.

You must need to make sure to use your targeted keywords in your username.

It can also understand by taking an example.

Suppose you have a cafe then you must need to make sure to use the word cafe in your Instagram username.

Similarly, if you have a business-related to selling Menz clothing then you must need to make sure to use the keyword Menz fashion in your username.


As you can see, when you’ll search for keywords related to Menz clothing then you’ll find tons of results using the same or related keywords in your Instagram username.

That’s why I was saying you must need to include your industry-specific keyword in your username.

If you implemented the keyword in your username or in your bio then most probably your profile will come up in the search term and maybe more people will find you.

You can also use the various keyword planner tools to get research the most traffic keywords in your niche.

You can target only those keywords and you can include these keywords in your Instagram username.

3. Make sure about your bio:

Your Instagram bio is the only part where you can showcase your details.

Make sure to mention these details to the fullest and up to the mark.

Always fillup your full details, including the name, email, website, and business short description.

Make sure to use the right description of your Instagram account.

You can use emojis and shorthand and various fonts to make it more engaging and informative.

Always keep in mind, your business description should be short enough to understand by others and large enough to fit inside the limit.

Provide your landing page link inside the bio so that people can directly redirect to your website.

Also, provide your email and phone number so that other users can contact you.

Make sure it’s your official page so make it solid and engaging.

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As you can see from the above example @zafulmen.

A very well explained each point about the business inside the Instagram account bio.

You can see the guiding hands guide you to click on the link mention below.

Just look at the lines FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE.

These are the punch lines that encourage the followers to engage with the website and most probably it’ll give the conversions.

You should also use these punch lines and make sure to optimize the Instagram bio.

You can learn from your competitor to make it more attractive and engaging.

You can use the tag feature to tag other people inside your bio.

You can also use the hashtags feature and use your target keywords inside your hashtags in your bio.

Guide users to follow the link inside your bio.

4. Post consistently:

Make sure to be consistent.

Look at your competitors, how they are sharing the content?

How often they post?

Make sure to share the content more frequently than your competitor.

Always maintain a frequency of sharing the stuff on your official handler.


You can share anything that actually relates to your business.

Make sure, your post should be authentic and should be informative.

Always first talks about the problem and then provide a solution on your Instagram or other social posts to make quick sales

While posting the content on your website make sure to post immediately to your Instagram account and replace the link inside the bio with your new website content link.

Ask people in your Instagram post to follow the link for grabbing the offer or for more information.

You can use actionable words like grab it now, just check this out, click now, etc.

These words encourage your followers to take quick action.

The golden rule to make a quick sale is always talks about the problem first then silently push your product and service as a solution.

While posting the content on your Instagram account make sure to use an engaging caption and hashtags.

Your hashtags should be engaging and less or mid-competitive so that your post can come up inside the results when anyone will search for the same keywords.

While using the hashtags make sure your main objective is to come up in the top listing of that particular hashtag.

You can use various automated bots for sharing the content on a regular basis.

Here I’m gonna share with you some of the best Instagram automation tools that will help you out to get more productive.

Either you can use them for free for a short interval or if you want to go to the long run then you must need to consider buying them also.

Tools to automate your Instagram post:

1. Later

2. Agorapulse

3. Autogrammer

4. Sprout Social

5. Make sure about captions and hashtags:

While posting the content on your official Instagram handle, make sure to use interactive and engaging captions and hashtags.

Your caption should be short enough to fit into the limit and large enough to say enough about your post.

You must need to use the hashtags.

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Just look at the post by Neil Patel.

A very descriptive post tells everything about the content inside the post.

You can manipulate the details of the content inside the post.

Your post should be this comprehensive so that more people can engage with your content.

Give your followers a reason why they will interact with your post.

Your hashtags and captions should be engaging and attractive so that more people can attract to your post.

You can use quotes in your Instagram caption.

People love quotes but care should take the quotes should be engaging and motivating.

Hashtags should be engaging and less competitive so that your post can appear inside the search results when anyone will search related to your content.

You can use the long tail hashtags to avoid too many posts. Generally, longtail hashtags are less competitive.


Just look at the hashtag and look at the number of posts in this particular hashtag. You can see too much competition.

Your post will instantly disappear. Make sure not to use this hashtag.


Now, look at this hashtag.

Particularly include location and keyword and it’s a targeted hashtag and you can see the number of posts is less as compared to the above one.

You can easily stand out with this particular hashtag.

Make sure to include this hashtag in your post.

6. Make sure to share behind the scene and UGC:

Behind the scene and UGC are the two major things that people love to see on the most engaging platform.

As you can see above the most trending film-making agency sharing some behind the scene shots.

You can take an example of it and it’s a suggestion for you to start sharing the same content on your Instagram handle also.

You must need to encourage your customers to share the user-generated content and behind the scene picture.

If you have a business staff then you can organize a small event and capture small moments inside the pictures and videos and make sure to share with your followers.

It creates trust and credibility for your brand.

UGC or also called user-generated content makes sure to take feedback with your customer by sharing the customer’s pictures and videos on your official handlers.

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7. Provide free value:

Now you can share the longer videos on Instagram.

Instagram comes up with a feature called the IGTV or also known as Instagram TV.

You can share the longer videos for up to 10 minutes.

Take advantage of this feature and try to share the informative video.

Try to post some emotional videos.

You can share motivational videos to motivate your followers.

Post videos on IGTV and educate your followers.

You can also organize the free giveaway on your Instagram handle where you can provide free offers.

For the trending giveaways, you can search on Instagram hashtag #giveaway.

You can find tons of people sharing the content related to the giveaway.

If you want to participate in one of the giveaways you can search the hashtags and you’ll find tons of posts related to giveaways.

Free offers can be anything that attracts an audience you can share for free.

8. Create quality content:

The first-ever thing you should always need to consider is the quality of the content.

Make sure to create the best high-quality content.

Either you’re creating images or videos, make sure to use the best in class camera for your content creation and make sure to use the best software for editing your images and videos.

Use filters to grab more attention to your posts.

It’s a photo and video sharing application so you have to make sure these two points, content should be high-quality and engaging.

There are various third-party applications and tools available online.

You can use these tools to produce high-quality, best-class content for grabbing attention.

If you want more hits then it’s a suggestion for you to create emotional content rather than logical content.

The more emotional content you’ll create the better you’ll get the engagement on each and every post.

Have you heard that our minds think in pictures, not in words? Yes, that’s true.

Instagram popular because it mostly focuses on visual content only.

Our mind is more sensitive to visual content only.

If you want to become stand out then you must need to consider creating the super through content that actually gives you more sales.

9. Don’t forget about the Instagram stories:

Instagram stories are the most important part that you shouldn’t forget.

Instagram stories are an essential part.

Make sure to post the stories on your Instagram handler.

You can share pictures and videos.

You can share the offers and updates related to your products and services.

If you have more than 10K followers then you must have an option, use the swipe-up feature.

You can add the landing page link of your website or any other social page to get more hits on your page.

You can announce something crazy about your pre-order products.

You can announce your news even or you can offer a discount with the help of images and videos in your Instagram stories.

10. Make sure to go live:

If you want more credibility and trust with your audience then you must have to go live on your Instagram account.

Going live is pretty easy.

You just need to go to your Instagram application and swipe right to get access to your Instagram camera then you have to choose the live option at the bottom down below and click on the live button.

After clicking on the red button, it will ask you to get ready for go-live and then your countdown will start and after a few seconds, you’ll become live.

Make sure to go live every weekend, it will help out your followers to stay more connected with you.

11. Connect other social pages:

Instagram allows you to connect your other social pages also.

You can connect your Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr accounts.

After connecting, whenever you’ll post something on your Instagram feed, it will ask you to share on other platforms also.

You can click on these platforms also to share on these social sites also.

Make sure to share the content regularly and connecting with followers can drive more traffic to your Instagram handler.

12. Measure your daily report:

These activities that I had explained only fruitful if you daily check your performance.

Make sure to measure the daily activity with the help of the Instagram analytics tool.

A business account gives you access to the analytics tab where you can check the performance of your daily report.

How is your content performing?

How many followers you’re getting on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis?

You can track gender also.

Whether male or female people are coming to your Instagram account. You can track the daily engagement also.

How many likes and comments you’re getting on your posts.

Which post is getting more viral.

Later by deciding and analyzing the data, you can create the same content.

There are various other third-party applications and websites that you can use to track your daily performance.

Even you can track the follower’s behavior also.

You can use these applications to get track ghost followers also.

Ghost followers are the fake accounts that just increase your number of followers but they don’t give any interaction on your post.

These followers are nothing but just numbers.

You can track these followers from various third-party applications available on the Internet and you can remove these followers to get more interaction on your posts.

13. Use elements for getting more engagement:

There are various elements you can use to get more engagement on your Instagram posts.

You can use various filters and elements like tagging other people, for sharing the location, emoji slider for tracking the interest of others in your content, you can use polls to get track of your audience interest in your products, etc.

These are the best ways to get more engagement on your Instagram stories.


14. Collaborate with an influencer:

Find an influencer in your niche to promote your stuff.

As all we know, Instagram is a visual content-sharing application.

So you need to find the best influencers for your products and services to promote.

Influencers are those people who already have a great audience.

You can easily collaborate with them and ask them to promote your stuff in their next posts.

It’s pretty easy.

Influencer promotion is more effective these days.

You can start promoting your stuff at the best price.

Here I’m gonna share with you some of the websites that will help you out to find the best influencers for your promotions.

List of the website for hiring the Influencers:

1. SocialBakers:

SocialBakers the first one and the best tool to find the best influencer in your niche.

You can use this tool to find Instagram influencers.

For finding the Influencer, all you need to go to their official website and then the go-to resource.

In the resource section, you’ll find the influencer tool.

Use this tool to find the best Influencer in your industry.

First, you need to fill out the basic form and search for the Influencer’s profile.

You can request a free demo or you can use their paid plans also.

2. KeywordTool:

You can use this free tool to get access to Instagram influencers.

All you need to go to the official website and search for the Influencer profiles.

You’ll find tons of Instagram profiles. It’s free to use.


So after concluding the session, I can say that these are the best possible ways to promote your business.

If you still have questions then please comment down below, I’ll definitely get back to you shortly.

Tell me which technique you’re using to get more engagement on your official Instagram profile. Peace!


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