How to Lookup Who i Unfollowed on Instagram

How To Lookup Who I Unfollowed On Instagram

How to Lookup Who I Unfollowed on Instagram? As all, we aware Instagram is the 6th most popular website on the internet.

It’s a social networking website where the user shares their photo and videos on the news feed section and story section.

Instagram crosses 1 Billion users.


Making an account on Instagram is very easy.

It’s easy to operate. On Instagram people follow or unfollow each other to stay active and share their content and see other’s content.
Statistic: Most popular social networks worldwide as of July 2019, ranked by number of active users (in millions) | Statista
Find more statistics at Statista

People share their day to day life activities.

Instagram nowadays most popular social networking website.

People follow and unfollow each other to stay connected.

Here in this article, I’m gonna share with you how to lookup who I unfollowed.

Well, there may be so many reasons that you unfollowed someone.

Maybe it by accident you unfollowed someone and now you not be able to see their activities on IG.

Don’t worry either it can be checked manually or by using any tool.

Well, here I’m gonna share with you both the tactics so that you can follow them back.

Well, let us assume a scenario suppose you follow someone and after some time you accidentally unfollow that person and you don’t have any idea about that.

You can avoid this situation manually.

Suppose if you are following fewer people then you can easily do it by simply visiting the following tab, you can manually check one by one whom you unfollowed.

Suppose this is not the case and you have a large number of following then you can use some Viewer Website as I discussed in my previous article please check.

Now come to the tool, well there is not any specific tool for tracking how you accidentally unfollow.

You can use some un-followers tool to get the information about whom you unfollow.

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Here I’m gonna share with you some of the applications that will surely help you out to track whom you accidentally unfollow.

List of applications and little intro about them:

1. Followers Pro + for Instagram:

It’s number one on the list.

With the help of this amazing application, you can easily track whom you follow, unfollow, and also you can track the exact analytics of your account.

Free followers analytics feature:

  • Track Instagram following whom doesn’t follow back.
  • Track Instagram followers that you not following.
  • Followers just unfollow you. You can track users just unfollow you from their list.
  • Track Instagram followers whom you are following but they don’t follow you back or just unfollow you.

Here is the list of free followers analytics features you can use to get a better engagement rate and can easily track your Instagram account.

Now here something has more for you.

You can track user insights also.

Let’s discuss the user’s insights.

How you can use these insights to get better results so let’s discuss.

  • You can track users that like your post but not following you.
  • The user that follow you but not like your single post
  • History of users you Just Unfollowed.
  • You can track users who blocked you or not want to receive your post anymore.
  • Users that you are following but never liked their single post. Even you can track every metric what you like, what don’t you like etc.
  • Oldest and newest Instagram users.

You can also watch post and media insights.

You can easily track the post and media insights here is the list of the insights, better explained:

  • You can track the followers who like you post the most.
  • You can also track followers who like your post the least.

For using this application you should have an active Instagram account.

But care should take the Instagram account should have less than 2,00,000 followers.

For premium features, you can use it’s premium plans either you can choose the monthly plan and a yearly plan. the choice is yours.

2. Reports+ for Instagram:

It’s the second application you can use to track your Instagram account.

It almost has the same features as the Followers pro + for Instagram has.

Well, it has some fewer features. These Instagram features can be discussed as given in the list below.

  • You can track who followed you and whom you are following in real-time.
  • Also, you can track the real-time analytics of whom you unfollowed.
  • You can check the real-time insights of how your posts are performing.
  • Also, you can check the history you’re unfollowed.
  • You can track your post insights. Hows your posts are performing.

These are the features of the application.

You can use it to get better insights into your Instagram account.

This application also has a free and paid version you can use which one suits you the best.

3. FollowMeter – Unfollowers Analytics for Instagram:

Another one in the list FollowMeter.

You can also use this application to track your various Instagram insights. Well, here I’m gonna share with you some of the insights that will explain the whole concepts:

  • You can track your followers who just unfollow you.
  • You can track your followers who don’t like comments and even share your content.
  • Your ghost followers.
  • Easy to track your various post insights like how many likes you are getting, how many comments on your post in just real-time.
  • You can track who blocked you.
  • You can check hows your posts are performing
  • Who likes you secretly but don’t follow you. Even you can track who likes your posts to the most.

4. figures for Instagram:

The last one in our list InFigures.

It’s another Instagram spy application you can use now to get track various Instagram activities.

Well, it’s an application that will show you the Instagram stalker account that secretly views your profile.

These are the metrics that you can use to get better insights:

  • You can easily track who viewed your profile.
  • Easy to access the ghost followers, who secretly follow you on Instagram.
  • You can get deep insights into hows your Instagram account is performing over some time. You can track hows your posts are performing.
  • Who are your top followers, who like your post the most and comments the most on your Instagram account?

These are all the applications that you can use to track your various Instagram insights.

Why do we need to track these metrics?

If you’re a marketer or you wanna grow your Instagram account then these application is highly recommended at the initial stage.

Well maybe all applications will not work properly just because of the Instagram updates but you can give them a try.


You can use this application to easy your Instagram marketing efforts.

You can track the various matrics in just a matter of minutes.

If you have any doubt you can ask in the comment down below.

Tell me which application you use to track your Instagram account?

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