Why Instagram Is The Best Social Media

Why Instagram is the best social media?

Hey friends! Welcome to one of my new blog posts.

In this article, we will talk about Instagram and its popularity.

Instagram is a well-known term these days right after Facebook.

It’s a photo and video sharing application.

It completely allows visual content.

You can’t share the links and text content in the Instagram feed.

Creating an Instagram account is extremely simple.

All you need to visit the Instagram website or you can directly download the application from the PlayStore or AppStore.

After that now you need to click on the SignUp button and fill out your complete details and then click on the SignUp button.

If you already have a Facebook account then you can directly SignUp with your Facebook account also.

After creating an account, now you need to fill in the complete details of yourself.

You must need to put the DP in the DP section.

Your username should be easy to remember, including your email address, your website link, etc.

Sharing content on Instagram is easy, all you need to click on the plus icon at the middle bottom of the application.

Either you can share your visual content in your Instagram feed, stories, or with the help of DM.

Instagram is the most engaging community.

The engagement rate is quite high as compared to other social media.


People can like other’s content and can share the content in DM.

You can also share your thoughts and ideas with the help of either videos or images.

Here in this article, I’m gonna share with you some of the facts that will explain to you about the popularity of Instagram.

Why it’s so much important these days?

How it can make your business skyrocket in a matter of a few months?

These are the points that we will be going to discuss now:

1. What is Instagram?

2. How it can help you in your business?

3. Why it’s important?

4. Reasons behind its success.

As I already discussed the basics of the platform.

Now we will dive into deep the platform.

Now we will discuss the above-given points.

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1. What is Instagram?

As I already discussed Instagram is the largest using social media application and website.

Instagram basically a visual platform where you can share visual content only.

Visual content means either you can share the images or videos.

There are basically three important ways of sharing content.

You can share the content on Instagram feed, stories or you can share inside the DM.

Instagram stories are the most attractive ways of sharing thoughts and ideas with your friends and family.

If you want to stay connected with your loved ones then it’s the best ever platform for that.

The engagement on Instagram is pretty high as compared to other social giants like Facebook and Twitter.

Instagram has now become 1 billion active users as of June 2018.


It’s the best platform for promoting and sharing content.

You can even do paid promotions also.

If you want to promote your business then it’s the best way of doing it.

If you have lots of followers on your account then you can approach the various companies and brands for paid promotion and you can work as an influencer to make a passive income.

There are tons of people working as an influencer on the platform.

To work as an influencer, you don’t need to have millions of followers.

Even if you have thousands of followers then you can also work as an influencer.

Instagram now become your profile status, people can judge your total worth by your followers.

If you have a good amount of followers then obviously you’re doing well but if not then don’t worry you can build your followers.

Earning followers is not that difficult, all you need to be consistent in posting and sharing the interactive content that stands out from others.

There are tons of other features also.

You can now do the video chat.

Not only one-one even you can do group video chat.

You can also share the stories with different elements that help you to stay connected with your followers. There are tons of elements that you can now become used.

You can also build a great community.

Instagram comes up with the hashtags feature.


When people use hashtags then it creates a community for sharing like-minded content.

Suppose you’re sharing the content that relates to food then you must use the hashtag related to #food.

Now it’s a common hashtag that people are using. If you belong to the food niche then you can follow the hashtag and stay connected with other users that also generating the same content related to food.

Instagram doesn’t allow you to share the direct links in your Instagram feed.

Neither you can share the text content nor any third-party website content or video link.

There is the only part where you can promote your link in the Instagram bio.

For adding a link in your bio, first, you need to go to your profile and click on the edit profile.

Now you’ll see the blank box, where you can share your clickable link.

This is the only link people can click and can land on your landing page.

Instagram also now comes up with one of the exciting features called IGTV or also known as Instagram TV.

It’s the best ever platform offered by Instagram where you can now share long videos for up to 10 minutes.

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Instagram TV is just like other video-sharing platforms like YouTube and Vimeo.

You can also run ads on the most engaging platform.

For running the ads, all you need is to first convert your basic account into a business account then you’ll see on every post a promote button will appear.

Now you can directly promote the content from this promote button.

You can also run ads from the most engaging and interactive ad manager called Facebook adverts.

For creating and running ads from Facebook adverts first, you need to connect your Facebook page with your official Instagram account.

After connecting the account, now you can run the ads from your Facebook ads manager.

There are various ad options like you can run image ads, video ads, carousel ads, story ads, etc. You can promote your content with the paid ad platform.

2. How it can help you in your business?

Now come to the second aspect of the platform.

You can use the platform to market your products and services.

You can create a company account and can start promoting the stuff on Instagram.

Many companies already promoting their products and services on Instagram.

Now I’m gonna share with you some of the statics that will clearly explain how it can help you to build your brand.

As per the above metrics, you can make an assumption of how it can help us to build a brand.

If you want to market your business then no-other thing better than this.

Now I’m gonna share with you some more detailed metrics that will help you to figure out how Instagram can help your business from 0 to the peak.

1. It’s a mobile application:

As all, we know the major focus of Instagram is mobile. It’s a mobile photo and video sharing application.

Most of the traffic comes from mobile because there are almost 52% of people coming from mobile.

Since a large number of people using mobile devices that makes sense.

You can directly take pictures from your mobile device by using the Instagram camera and can directly share with your followers with attractive filters makes Instagram is easy to access application.

There are tons of other elements that you can use to engage with your followers.

2. Generate better engagement as compared to others:

We know Instagram is the largest using social networking community.

It has the highest engagement rate as compared to other social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.


If you’re a small business owner then definitely you can use Instagram for promoting your stuff on social media.

Many marketers found that the best tool for marketing your products and services on Instagram is the best ever decision.

Due to the high engagement rate, it makes it more valuable and the best possible marketing tool ever.

3. User-generated content:

If you ever heard about the UGC or also known as the user-generated content.

User-Generated Content is the type of content created by users with a common hashtag that relates to a particular brand.

Companies and brands never paid for the user-generated content.

It’s common content created by users of the brands or customers of the brands.

4. Define the target audience:

Do you ever wonder to know about your target audience?

Instagram can better help you to get an analysis of your target audience.

Not even the target audience, you can do something more.

You can analyze which product or service your target audience loves the most.

Because it’s a visual platform that’s why you need to share only images or videos.

The Instagram business allows you to analyze the detailed analytics of your account performance, where you can analyze your Instagram post and can make an assumption about which type of content your audience actually wants to see.

5. Set a goal and achieve targets:

Do you know Instagram can help you to achieve your objective to become a brand?

You don’t need to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars on marketing.

Thanks to social media now you have opportunities to promote your stuff free of cost.

Even you don’t need any technical background.

All you need to set a goal and dedication to be consistent.

Setting goals means that you need to set a target to achieve sales or increasing followers.

You can make your content strategy when you post the content and how many images or videos you should post in a day etc.

These are the things that you can decide.

Setting a goal is the most important thing you need to consider first before starting work.

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6. Analyze the data with Instagram analytics:

An Instagram business account allows you to analyze your account.

You can do many more things with your Instagram account.

An Instagram business account gives you an opportunity to analyze your performance.


You can better understand the metrics.

With the help of these metrics, you can make an assumption to share only that type of content at that particular time frame so that you can get more and more reach to your account.

With the help of Instagram Analytics, you can make sure that which type of audience you’re getting on your Instagram account.

Whether the major audience is male or female.

You can also analyze the age of the audience, the complete demographics, and real-time data to help you to make your strategy even better.

7. Make sure to use the bio link:

As you know Instagram provides a single area for showcasing your business website or blog link.

Make sure to use this area wisely.

It’s a recommendation for you t0 share the latest blog link or you can show the business website link also.

It’s again a recommendation for you to use the various link shortening service.

One of the best ways to shorten your website or blog link is by using the bitly.

Bitly is a great tool for not only shorten the link even you can track how many people actually coming from that shorten link.

Google Analytics counts this traffic as the direct traffic and not tell from where the visitors coming from.

8. Use all features of your Instagram business profile:

You can use all the features of your Instagram business profile.

Instagram business comes up with a lot of options to indicate the actual presence of your business.

You can use the contact feature, where you can showcase your phone number, email, and physical address.


You can include the call to action button on your Instagram business page.

You can also select the particular category you fall in.

There are lots of categories you can choose from.

Make sure to use all of these features and make sure to optimize your account to the fullest.

People actually want you to show all the details so that they can reach you and can contact you for your services.

9. Make your company a brand with Instagram stories:

We know Instagram stories are the best ways to tell about your daily life and it helps to share your thoughts and ideas with people.

You can share your daily routine with Instagram stories and it can help you to get more engagement on your Instagram account.


If you want to stay connected with your followers then make sure to use this feature.

You can do a lot more things in Instagram stories.

You can edit the stories, you can add various filters, you can use multimedia elements, you can tag other people inside the stories, etc.

Instagram stories tell a thousand words.

It’s a recommendation for you to share the content on your Instagram feed and stories both to grab the maximum reach.

10. Make sure to write an engaging caption:

As all, we know Instagram captions are the best ways to tell stories.

Instagram is a visual platform, it doesn’t mean you will not consider the text as part of your Instagram post.

Instagram allows you to share the text inside the post caption area.

Make sure to use it effectively to share the motive behind the post.

You can tell your audience why are you posting this?

How it can help you to make you feel special etc.

People love to read engaging and short captions.

It can increase your reach and can help you to grab more audience to your Instagram account.

3. Why it’s important?

Instagram is the most engaging and most appealing platform where you can instead of using words you can say with the help of the visual content.

Visual content can be anything images or videos.

Here now I’m gonna share with you some of the points that will better depict why it’s so much important.

Points to keep in mind:

1. The highest number of people on Instagram:

As all, we know Instagram is the most used social networking platform where you can share pictures and videos.

Instagram has more than one billion active users now.

If you want to make your company a brand then you must need to use it.

2. Make your company a brand:

If you want to succeed quickly then you must need to use the platform.

People around the globe using the platform for showcasing their daily life.

The travel business grows at a tremendous rate.

People love to travel and share their pictures on a platform that explores more new places and inspired others.

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4. Reasons behind its success:

When Instagram was started back in 2010 it was just a photo-sharing application.

It was not that many features at that time.

After hard work and dedication now it becomes a success.

Instagram is the most successful visual content-sharing application and website these days.

Now you can do a lot more things.

After acquired by Facebook it has a lot of new features included in it.

It’s a most engaging platform where you can’t even share the photos on the Instagram feed.

Now you can share your daily life with the help of stories and IGTV or also called Instagram TV.

Instagram is the largest using social networking website and application having more than one billion users now.

Most of the revenue of the company comes from advertisements.

Many businesses around the globe using the platform for promoting their stuff.

Bottom Line:

These are the best points about Instagram.

I have cleared all the things inside the above insights.

Instagram now become a social brand, it’s not just limited to people for sharing the daily life now you can do even more.

If you want to become instant famous then it’s a recommendation for you to use the platform.

If you still have questions then please comment down below

I’ll be happy to answer the questions. Peace!


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