Top 12 Ways of Driving Traffic from Twitter

Here in this article, I’m gonna share with you the top 12 ways of driving traffic from twitter to your website. Twitter, as all we know, it’s a Microblogging platform, where everyone can make an account and share their thoughts and ideas.

Even if you are a company you can also show yourself as a brand with the help of this microblogging platform. Now how to get traffic to your website with twitter?

Yes, you heard right. Here in this article, I’m gonna share with you the top tactics of driving traffic from twitter.

I already explained, how to get traffic to your Website go read it.

People think twitter is just a waste of time, you can’t even tweet more than 280 Characters but it’s not, in just 280 characters you can say enough to get the clicks to your tweet but you need to take it in the right direction.

Twitter is a very powerful social media channel having more than 321M Users. But why people not getting benefits from it. Well, there can be multiple reasons.

Here in this comprehensive article I am gonna share some points. It may be helpful for you to get something from twitter.

Here in this article, I am gonna share with you tactics of driving the best results.

Let’s discuss these tactics one by one

1. Putting the proper #hastags:

Hashtags are very important in each and every post.

By relevant hashtags, you can increase your reach. For those who don’t know about hashtags, Hashtags are the words that put behind the # to discuss one particular topic.

Well, hashtags play an important role in user tweet, it can increase engagement. Hashtags should be used wisely.

There are so many tools available for proper research of the hashtag before putting in any tweet.

Hashtags should be related to your post and try to put max 2 hashtags in your tweet.

Don’t put more than 2 hashtags, Well you can put as many hashtags as you want, but for maximum reach, you need to avoid using more than two hashtags

Don’t put spaces while using the hashtag because if you will put space or punctuation it will not work like that.

2. Use images and infographics:

Here in this infographic, it’s clearly shown that how actually tweet’s perform. Image source is LINCHPINSEO

Using images in your tweets can increase the engagement rate.

Twitter is not about sharing some kind of boring text and hashtags, it’s even more.

If you are still posting some 280 characters text with hashtags and links then it will not give you any returns.

You have to be clever enough to put the best infographics related to your article before posting on twitter. Use it wisely to share the best images on twitter.

Always share high-quality images that contain information about the post. Don’t use simple images, try to use informative images, will get a better engagement rate.

Don’t put boring stock images again it will not be going to give you any return. Be creative and try to post your own capture images and you can also post creative images.

3. Don’t be egg anymore:

One thing that always keeps in mind always makes a professional account.

Always put your brand image on your twitter official account. Fill up all the basic details on your twitter official account, put relevant hashtags that relate to your profile or business.

Don’t put too many hashtags it will not be going to help you.

Put your website URL. Put shorten website link. Avoid using It looks weird.

Always use proper profile image and cover image.

If you are a company don’t forget to put the relevant information about your company profile on profile image and cover image.

4. Use @ for mentioning other tweeter users:

It always a great idea of using @ for mentioning other twitter users for better engagement. Always give credit to others, it will also increase your post engagement.

Let’s understand it by taking a simple example suppose you are going to tweet about something. You put short information in text format with target links and relevant hashtags.

Now don’t forget to mention other tweeter users that relate to that particular post. It can increase your engagement rate. More people will likely to engage with your tweet.

5. Retweet others tweet:

Don’t forget to retweet to other’s tweets. By retweeting other’s tweets will create a trust for your audience and you will get more engagements to your tweets.

Be consistent in retweeting. Always retweet the content that matches you and your audience.

6. Be consistent in tweeting:

Always consistent in tweeting. Tweet at least 10 times or even more a day. It will give your audience trust on you and they will start engaging with your tweets.

Always keep quality to your tweets. Don’t just share anything it’s not like Facebook or Instagram. Be professional and interact in a professional way.

7. Use quotes in your tweets:

Using quotes before posting any tweets can increase your tweet engagement rate. Putting better quotes will give you more engagements to your tweets and people will click on your link.

8. Ask questions in your tweets:

It’s always better to ask questions in tweets, it will be interesting for people to get the answer and you will get more engagement.

After asking a question leave your article and website link over there.

9. Post multiple times a day:

Always remember, you have to post multiple times at least 40-50 times a day.

It will surely help you to get more visitors to your blog post.

It seems to be crazy to post 40-50 times a day but my friend trusts me it will definitely give you a better response.

10. Choose an appropriate user name:

Choosing an appropriate @username (up to 15 characters) is very important.

As all, we aware that tweeter is a microblogging platform where you can share up to your 280 characters only, so be professional in short messages and always try to put your easy to remember the brand name.

11. Follow relevant users:

Always follow relevant people or brands related to your industry or interest. Don’t blindly follow everyone who follows you.

Always be professional and unique in your services. Post-solution-oriented content, people love information.

12. Create a twitter list:

It’s always a good idea of creating a twitter list or you can subscribe to other’s lists, it will help you to drive more traffic to your tweets and it will also help you to increase your likes and followers.


So I hope here I cover all the points related to getting a better response from twitter.

Don’t spam by following others just to increase followers.

Be professional and adopt these tactics will put you in a different row.

Always follow quality accounts and watch them how they are posting adopt these strategies to get the best results.

Are you already using these tactics?


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